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Lollipop Side Tables in green and white lacquer

Founded in Chicago in 2020

We’re a team of entrepreneurs who share a passion for great design and even better customer experiences. It’s what brought us together, what shapes our mission, and is the driving force behind everything that we do.

Photo of ROOMY Co-Founder Rob Royer

Rob Royer


Design entrepreneur who previously founded one of the first and fastest-growing, digitally-native furniture brands in the US.

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Photo of ROOMY Co-Founder Diana Lu Barabe

Diana Lu Barabe


Award-winning industrial designer who has created commercially successful furniture for some of the most iconic furniture brands in the US.

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Photo of ROOMY Co-Founder Alistair Porter

Alistair Porter


Digital product designer responsible for some of the most innovative web and augmented-reality experiences in the home category.

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Our approach

We spent years building one of the most innovative brands in the furniture industry. In doing so, we witnessed developers and designers struggling to source authentic, elevated, and personalized design—all while staying within budget.

So, we created Roomy.

ROOMY team reviewing materials | Resimercial Furniture | Roomy | Chicago

1:1 design process

Unit furniture should inspire your tenants and improve their living experience. There needn’t be an aesthetic abyss between common areas and units.

Tier Wardrobes in gray and white | ff&e dorm furniture manufacturers | Roomy | Chicago

Elevated product

Multi-tenant, “resimercial” furniture can be well designed and constructed without breaking budget. Improving the quality of your furniture will increase the lifespan of your FF&E.

ROOMY installation service | Resimercial Furniture | Roomy | Chicago

Exceptional service

Your team deserves a seamless approach to FF&E. Your partner should be an expert in design, logistics, and installation — not one or the other.

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