A better approach

We view project management much like we do design: when done well, it makes life easier and more enjoyable. We crafted our process to remove the most challenging aspects of FF&E.

We’ll do the heavy lifting and you’ll win time back in your day.

Room sketch of bed desk and chair

ROOMY 2022 collection concept sketch

Furniture being built in factory

Bento storage bed sample being manufactured

1 Tailoring your collection

We start by learning all about your specific needs: budget, aesthetic goals, and how FF&E fits into the lifestyle of your tenants.

We’ll help you curate the perfect collection, from finish and materials to specific dimensions. There’s also the option to explore fully custom designs.


Collaboration with clients on live moodboards

2 Managing your project

Throughout the process, we’ll plug in with your team to produce unit counts, furniture blocks (if requested), and anything else that helps make the process easier. We’ll be there at every step.

  • ROOMY install timelapse
  • July 2021

Bed assembly & install in < 5 min

Furniture installation poster

3 Production & installation

Our deep relationships with our teams in Asia and North America help us optimize production based on budget, category, and materials.

We also know installation is a headache. That’s why we take care of it for you with our dedicated team of expert installers.

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ROOMY Surface kitchen island and Kit counter stool sketch | ff&e dorm furniture manufacturers | Roomy | Chicago

We do things differently

ROOMY Team reviewing materials | ff&e dorm furniture manufacturers | Roomy | Chicago

We’re refreshingly transparent.

You don’t have time for back and forth. We’re always up front with our products, prices, processes, and lead times, so you can make decisions and meet deadlines without hassle. We also make all our fact sheets, 3D models, images etc. readily downloadable.

We answer emails in <8hrs.

Customer experience is in our DNA. We’ll seamlessly integrate into your team and processes—no working around us or waiting for updates. Your roomy rep is always a call (or email or text) away.

We build true partnerships.

We’ve built businesses known for exceptional customer experiences. Building strong, long-lived relationships is one of our core tenets. This stretches from our client relationships to our production partnerships in the US and overseas.

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A decade in the making

Wood grain image
Wool image
Cloud image

We spent years building innovative furniture brands.

We witnessed next-generation developers struggling to source authentic, elevated, and personalized design—all while staying within budget.

We saw an opportunity to use our experience to do FF&E better.

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