Designed from  the ground  up

1. 2. 3. 4. Custom channeled green vegan leather sofa

Example custom elements:  1. Custom vegan leather  2. Bespoke chanelling  3. Powdercoated cast metal feet 4. Dimensions

Example custom elements:

  1. Custom vegan leather  2. Bespoke chanelling  3. Powdercoated cast metal feet  4. Dimensions   1. Custom vegan leather  2. Bespoke chanelling  3. Powdercoated cast metal feet  4. Dimensions

Sometimes your project requires a solution designed from scratch. That’s where our custom program comes in.

From start to finish, we’ll work with you to design and produce pieces specifically for your property.

And, our custom program comes with the level of service we offer as standard: mood boards, layouts, furniture blocks, takeoffs, and more.

Connect with a team member

Your very own industrial designers

Tier wardrobe sketch

We’re designers and furniture specialists with decades of experience. We know how important trusted partnerships are to you. That’s why you’ll work with the same team member one-on-one from day one.

Speaking of which, here’s a little about our process.

Sketches of media stand prototypes

Weeks 1–2

Project needs analysis

  • Budget
  • Aesthetics
  • Goals


  • Moodboards
  • Material direction

Price estimates

  • Make decisions quickly and confidently

Custom and budget don’t often go hand in hand. We’re on a mission to change that. We’ll work with you to hit your cost target.

ROOMY materials being reviewed on a table

Weeks 3–4

Time to play:

  • Color selections
  • Material options
  • Dimensions

Of course, we know durability is key and will recommend finishes that extend the life of your collection.

Dealing with inconsistent floor plans? We’re able to produce different variants of your pieces to fit different space constraints.

Diana testing a sofa prototype

Weeks 5+

Here’s where your collection comes to life.

Sample production

We’ll produce samples for review and work out the kinks until it all feels right.

Full production

Depending on the needs of your project, we have both domestic and overseas production capabilities.

We’re installation experts

ROOMY floorplan sketch

We can deliver and install your pieces anywhere in North America with our dedicated team of skilled installers.

ROOMY installers building a kitchen island

ROOMY installers at work

Industry-leading installation process:

  • Install walkthroughs & detailed planning
  • Minimal disruption
  • Extremely fast and efficient
ROOMY flag out side a building
Bella media stand in light oak with white powdercoated doors

Bella Media Stand

Designed exclusively for Core Spaces

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