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What kinds of projects does ROOMY work on?

Our furniture programs are targeted toward for student housing, co-living, and extended stay developments. However, we’re always interested in speaking with like-minded designers and developers across housing and hospitality segments. We generally focus on projects considered FF&E (i.e. movable furniture, fixtures, or other equipment that have no permanent connection to the structure of a building).

Is ROOMY a contract furniture supplier?

Yes … and no. We make everything to order. This enables us to make your pieces exactly how you want them, reduce waste, and reduce inventory overhead. Unlike a typical contract furniture supplier, we lead with a unique design point-of-view and process. We partner with innovative developers and property managers to maximize FF&E design and dollars. Our goal is to turn your FF&E program into a competitive advantage. You will not find ROOMY designs scattered across various websites or brands. We produce our authentic designs only for our clients. This enables us to personalize our collection specifically for your needs.

What lead time is typically required for ROOMY production and shipping?

We have domestic and international production teams to best suit your needs. A typical lead time for a larger FF&E project is approximately 4 to 6 months. However, if your project requires a faster turnaround (and pending the volume) we can deliver in as little as six weeks. The main variables that influence lead time are: production location, time of year, order volume, and level of customization + custom material availability. We provide a fulfillment estimate time once we have an understanding of your needs. We communicate openly and frequently throughout the process.

How quickly can you quote?

We can provide an initial estimate within 48 hours. However, in order to do so, here is what we’ll need:

  • Marketing plans for the property
  • Floor plans with unit and furniture counts (i.e. how many units and what are the furniture pieces you need for each room). To note: we’re happy to help with this process, but will need more than 48 hours to do so.
  • Address of property
  • Project timeline requirements
  • An understanding of your FF&E vision and requirements. For example the ROOMY designs and finishes you like, your interest in custom materials, and any design direction (e.g. mood boards) you may have.

What materials do you use to produce your furniture?

We design furniture to stand up to heavy, multi-tenant living environments. At the same time, designing authentic, beautiful furniture is our north star. For these reasons we often work with materials such as:

  • Thermal-fused-laminate (TFL) that has the look and texture of real wood, with anti-scratch and anti-dent properties
  • Vegan, vinyl leather: vinyl leather has advanced substantially in recent years. We use high-grade vinyl and PU with texture that feels like leather and withstands high-traffic situations. It is water-resistant and, depending on the grade selected, even bleach-cleanable
  • Commercial graded fabrics: we’ve worked with upholstery materials for years and select the best colors, textures, and compositions that last.

How would you describe ROOMY’s quality standards?

We’ve set out to offer the most design-forward, durable solutions for realistic FF&E budgets. We founded ROOMY to offer a middle ground between commercially-rated furniture (at times over-engineered for residential use, and often beyond budget) and retail furniture options, which are not built to hold up to multiple tenant cycles. While not our favorite term, many refer to this as “resimercial” furniture standards. We refer to ROOMY standards as “hybrid,” and hold ourselves to a higher bar.

What are the starting-point volume requirements for ROOMY orders?

We pride ourselves on offering unique personalization and customization (e.g. custom colors, and finishes, and custom dimensions). These custom (or highly personalized) furniture programs are budget feasible at higher volumes.

Our beginning volume requirement is typically 100 units of any piece of furniture. This said, if you have special circumstances (e.g. multiple properties at lower volume) we are more than happy to chat.

In the future, we may offer select designs in lower volumes.

I’m seeking something different than what I see in ROOMY’s product assortment. Do you offer ground-up furniture design and development services?

We’ve designed our collection to be as adaptable as possible to a variety of spaces and aesthetics. For example, we can design and produce a completely unique door front on our media stand or wardrobe. The range of powder coat finishes on our metal frames is nearly limitless. At higher volumes we can produce custom upholstery colors. We pride ourselves on helping our partners select the ideal colors and finishes for their specific spaces.

However, for some projects, a ground-up custom program is the best fit, e.g. due to unique design or space challenges. In these cases, we will work with your team to develop an aesthetic vision, and custom design a broad range of furniture. Given the additional time and requirements, our fully custom programs require design fees on top of the furniture itself. If this describes the type of program you’re seeking, please reach out to us at